A Dedicated Radio Space

.RADIO will be reserved for the exclusive use of the radio sector, broadcasters, internet radios, people working in radio, companies supplying goods and services, and radio amateurs.

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August 23 – October 31, 2017

You must have a valid SMD file from the Trademark Clearinghouse in order to register during the Sunrise period.

The Sunrise Period is a limited-time opportunity for trademark holders that have registered their trademark in the Trademark Clearinghouse.  Trademark holders may apply for a domain name label that constitutes an “exact match” of their mark during the Sunrise Period.

Don’t have a trademark registration? EnCirca can assist you in registering your trademark in the Trademark Clearinghouse.  Please visit here for more details: https://www.encirca.com/html/tmch-registration.shtml


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Until October 31, 2017
Pricing Varies

During Landrush any applicant eligible in specific categories is allowed to submit applications for domain names in connection with their radio activities. Landrush categories/phases include:

  • Unions of Broadcasters
  • Official Radio Operators
  • Internet Radio
  • Radio Amateurs
  • Radio Professionals
  • Radio-related Companies

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General Policies
  • Domains will not be allocated until October 31, 2017 by the Registry.
  • Whois Privacy is not allowed.
  • Some names may be premium cost.
  • The .RADIO Registry has reserved some names, which will not be available.
  • Registrants are required to state their intended use of the registered domain name.
  • Each domain name claim will be individually and thoroughly validated by the Registry Operator. Self-declaration will not be sufficient.
  • Registrants with the same requested domain name will be contacted by the Registry to resolve allocation and verification questions.
  • Sunrise Policy
  • Launch Policy
  • Registration Policy
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