.Homes – An exclusive domain name

The use of a .Homes domain name is exclusive to professionals and businesses that provide products and services to the residential real estate industry. Companies using a .Homes website address send a quality signal to online consumers that the company has been validated in residential real estate. It is a signal of trust – and tells visitors they will find quality content and information relevant to the housing community on .Homes websites.


To register, renew, or accept the transfer of a .HOMES domain name, you must be an individual or a legal entity with a bona-fide nexus to the .HOMES sector. This connection means that You as the registrant of the domain name must be able to reasonably demonstrate a link or an interest to the Relevant Sector at the time of registration and throughout the duration of the .HOMES domain name registration.

Nexus to the Relevant Sector
Members of the sector are anticipated to include (the “Relevant Sector”).

  • Residential Real Estate Agent: A person duly licensed to negotiate and arrange residential real estate sales under the supervision of a real estate broker.
  • Residential Real Estate Broker: A person or business duly licensed to negotiate and arrange residential real estate transactions. A broker requires a higher-level license than agent and is authorized to hire real estate agents to work under the broker’s supervision.
  • Multiple Listing Service (MLS): A local or regional entity that compiles available real estate for sale by member brokers along with detailed information that brokers and agents can access online. MLSs may be affiliated with an association or operate as private businesses with oversight from major local brokers.
  • Real Estate Association: A group of real estate professionals and/or firms banded together for a specific purpose that is focused on the residential real estate sector.
  • Residential Home Builder: A commercial firm or company licensed to construct new residential housing units.
  • Residential Property Management: A commercial firm or company that is contracted to act on behalf of owners of residential real estate to generate income and preserve the value of the property.
  • Residential Real Property Appraiser: A person or business duly licensed to estimate the value of residential real estate.
  • Residential Real Property Inspector: A person or business duly licensed to assess the current condition of residential property.
  • Residential Mortgage Provider: A commercial firm or company that is duly licensed to lend money to people for the purpose of purchasing residential property.
  • Residential Mortgage Broker: An intermediary who brings mortgage borrowers and mortgage lenders together but does not use its own funds to originate mortgages.
  • Residential Property Insurance Provider: A commercial firm or company that is duly licensed to provide insurance to homeowners.
  • Residential Property Listings Service: An online website dedicated to providing residential real estate companies with advertising opportunities

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