.APP Security

  • .app is an open TLD with a focus on improved security
  • The entire TLD has been added to the HSTS preload list, which means registrants will have to provision and set up SSL certificates in order for their content to be loaded in modern browsers
  • You can buy your .app domain name now, but in order for it to work properly in browsers you must first configure HTTPS serving. For more information about configuring HTTPS, including resources to obtain an SSL certificate, please visit EnCirca’s SSL page
  • For complete registrant responsibilities, click here.

About .APP

Apps make the mobile world go ‘round, and now they have their own more secure home on the web: the .app domain, the most relevant TLD for mobile apps. You can use your .app name to showcase a unique and trustworthy destination, as a relevant download link, for deep linking, or for sharing screenshots, release notes, and reviews. Get your .app domain now to start sharing your app with the world.

More Info

  • Regular registration is $18
  • Some domains are premium.
  • Regular renewals are $23.99; premium renewals are at the premium price.
  • .app is an open TLD with a focus on improved security
  • .app has additional security requirements as mentioned on this page.
  • For complete registrant responsibilities, click here.